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Always the best of companions, some of the puppies born here will be exceptional in activities that are both fun
and rewarding for the dogs and their families. We commend them for their accomplishments!

* * *   Ridgestar Achievements   * * *

Ridgestar Red Hot Hat Trick

Sire: Ridgestar Second Mesa
Dam: Ridgestars Skyfall
Owned by: Janine Vander Yacht – Deming, Washington

I was taking Nosework classes with Striker when Rooney was a puppy. There was another beginner in class so I started Rooney as well. She liked it well enough when we were searching for food but the change in her excitement level when we added odor was amazing. She literally bounced around the room to find the hides. With Striker it was all about the food, with Rooney it’s all about finding the odor.

Rooney sailed through earning her ORT, NW1 and NW2. It took a couple of tries to get her first NW3. We were still getting our teamwork synced up at that point. She went on to earn her NW3 Elite title and is only 12 points away from earning her Elite 1! I never thought I’d be competing at this level. At our first Elite trial we went in cold. I had never seen an Elite trial and I didn’t really know what we were supposed to do. I knew Rooney was awesome so I would just let her do her thing!

She’s all business when it comes to the search. Nothing distracts her and her alert is so strong I never have a doubt when she’s found the hide. She is an amazing partner!

I started nosework with Striker about 13 years ago to help with his confidence and dog reactivity and it really helped with that. Trials were not his thing. He picked up on my nerves and spent his energy checking in with me instead of searching.

Rooney is totally different. She acts like searching is what she was born to do. She’s confident and decisive and makes every search a joy. I adore having her as a partner in Nosework and all other parts of my life.

Ridgestars Salute to Independence
CGC ,RON, ASN, AJN, ATN, RATN, CGC, Certified Pet Partner

Sire: Ch Sun-Up Star Spangled
Dam: Ch Firehouse Tyler Of Bluegrass
Owned by Darla Gentry-Spokane, WA

Indie is the loving companion of owner/handler Darla Gentry. Before moving to Panama with Darla in 2013, Indie had done many training classes, and received his Therapy Dog Certification through Pet Partners(Delta Dog). After moving to Panama, Indie and Darla have been able to return to two MASCA National Specialty shows, 2014 and 2016.

At the 2014 MASCA Nationals, with no prior actual show experience, Indie was  High in Trial Rally Obedience dog, High in Trial Agility Dog, qualified for his Herding Instinct certification, 3 winner’s dog- altered, 1 reserve winner’s dog – altered, 3 Best of Winners-altered, 1 Best opposite sex  – altered and a 3rd place in the Extreme Aussie Games.

In 2016 Indie and Darla returned to the MASCA Nationals again, where Indie was High in Trial in Rally, Obedience, Acrobatics, and 4th place in the Extreme Aussie Games.

This year, while on a family winter vacation, Indie was introduced to Barn Hunt, and he loved it. With only two lessons under his fur, he was able to qualify for his RATN, and has two legs towards his open title as well. His fastest time so far in Barn Hunt is 26 seconds! He also learned flyball on his vacation, and really enjoyed that, too.

Indie has an ‘I can do it’ attitude about everything he is introduced to. He is probably one of the most even-tempered dogs around, and most importantly, Darla’s best buddy.


Ridgestar Kickin’ It Old School

Sire: Ridgestar Second Mesa
Dam: Maximum Drive at Ridgestar
Owned by Jack and Kat Fahle – Dade City, Florida

Multi Ch Ridgestars Going To The Sun

Sire: Ch Ridgestar Sandyoaks King Creole
Dam: BISS Gr Ch Ridgestar Miss MoneyPenny
Owned by Helen Luksan-Burien, Washington


Int’l Ch Glencoves Semper Fidelis
Certified Therapy Dog
“Mr. Wilkins”

Sire: Ch Teacup Treasures Hitchen Up
Dam: Glencoves Blue Abby
Owned by Mariane Adamson-White Rock, BC

Mr. Wilkins 399 Mr. Wilkins 386

Mr. Wilkins 364

Mr. Wilkins 351 Mr. Wilkins 0324 IMG_0980

IMG_0981 IMG_0982

IMG_0983 IMG_0984

Int’l Ch Ridgestar Diamond in the Sky
mHIC, STDc, STDs, HRD1-s, HTD1-d, STDd

Sire: BISS Gr Ch Ridgestar Vantage Point
Dam: HOFX Ch Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley
Owned by Julie Harris – Mt. Vernon, Washington



Ridgestar Perfect Rain

Sire: BIS Gr Ch Ridgestar Casino Royale
Dam: Ch Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley
Owned by Val Harrison & Joy Moncrief-Victoria, BC

Rain1    Rain2


Ridgestar Gold’n Goal

Sire: BISS Gr Ch Ridgestar Vantage Point
Dam: Ch Beargrass Bit O Scarlett
Owned by Janine Vanderyacht – Bellingham, WA


Striker Portrait



Ridgestars Maggie Is One Of A Kind

Sire: Ch Chandreas Ruff Terrain
Dam: BISS Gr Ch Ridgestar Miss Moneypenny
Owned by Ils Geerts – Hove, Belgium

Maggie    Maggie    Maggie

Maggie    Maggie    Maggie

Ridgestar Sieze The Day

Sire: Ch Wilshys Alpine Range Rider
Dam: HOFX Ch Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley
Owned by Linda Schertz- Fairbanks, Alaska


Ch Ridgestar Mountain Whisper mHIC (Whisper)

Sire: BIS GR CH Ridgestar Casino Royale
Dam: HOFX Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley
Owned by Julie Harris – Mt. Vernon, Washington


Ridgestar Simi (Simi)

Sire: BISS Ch Wigglebutt James Bond
Dam: Ch Alpine’s True Blue Tagalong
Owned by Dixie Lampers – Snohomish, Washington


Ridgestar Perfect Wind (Wind)

Sire: Ridgestar Sandyoaks King Creole
Dam: Highlanders Gottabe A Princess
Owned by Val Harrison & Joy Moncrief-Victoria, BC

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Int’l Ch Ridgestar Tyler’s Sable Lace, mHIC (Lacey)

Sire: Ironhorse Takea Chance On Me
Dam: Ch Firehouse’s Tyler Of Bluegrass
Owned by Lynda Dragland – Bellingham, Washington



Ridgestar Achievements 2014

Ridgestar Achievements 2014

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