Melody X Newman 2016



Melody & Newman are the parents of a litter of 7, born September 23, 2016.  We have three pups available: 1 black tri boy & 2 black tri girls.  They are ready to go to their forever homes beginning November 18th, at 8 weeks of age.

For those looking for a bit smaller, these cuties should end up mama’s size, around 16″, 25-30#. We typically produce 30-40#, 17-18″.

If you would like more information, please call Mona at 360-312-1030.


This little girl is sweet, affectionate and playful. She will follow you anywhere and would love to be the center of attention. Ariel is jet black, with tan points and minimal white.


Bold, adventurous & outgoing, Bambi loves to chase after toys, but is quite fond of snuggling. His coloring is jet black, with tan points, and white on his chest.


A curious & outgoing pup, Belle loves attention and playtime. She is jet black, with tan points, along with white on her nose, chin, all 4 feet and chest.
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