Our Philosophy

Our belief at Ridgestar Miniature Australian Shepherds is that producing excellence in a puppy begins with careful consideration in every breeding we undertake. Since there are no perfect dogs, our job, in order to continue in the betterment of this breed, is to ensure, to the best of our ability, that a planned breeding equates to potential compatibility between the sire and dam, and generations behind them, in temperament, structure, type and genetic health.

Since pre-breeding health testing is very important, all of our adults of breeding age have had their hips OFA certified by the age of two and their eyes CERF’d on an annual basis. Additionally, we have epi risk factor numbers and MDR1 genotype results on our breeding dogs, which are used as part of the decision-making process that we go through when considering a cross.

Every litter born at Ridgestar is home-raised and loved, with careful attention given to their development and socialization, on a day-to-day basis. This includes introduction to children, familiarization with numerous loud and unusual noises, litter box training and crate training, to name a few. Each puppy is temperament tested at seven weeks of age, and at eight weeks evaluated for structure by us and Pat Hastings, of Dogfolk Enterprises.

A written guarantee of good health accompanies every puppy when they leave our care. Additionally, we provide a puppy starter kit and a detailed packet containing what and how to feed, a record of current worming and vaccination, pedigree, proof of health clearances and registration on the parents and eye clearance on the puppy, plus invaluable information and tips for raising your new family member.

It is of the utmost importance to us that we maintain a support system for all of our puppy homes. We offer detailed instruction in crate training and housebreaking and basic manners. We are always available to answer questions or to help if any problems arise. Our commitment to you is long term.

The decision to breed any Ridgestar stud dog to any outside female is within the absolute discretion of Ridgestar Aussies.

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