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Hall Of Fame Dam #5: Ch Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley

Hall Of Fame XDam #2: Ch Casadey S’mplelife Starvalley

Ridgestar Achievements 2014

Ridgestar was well represented at the MASCA 2014 Nationals, held in Brenham, Texas. We have bred some talented and versatile dogs! We are so proud of our dogs and especially the folks who put in the time and effort to train AND make the trip to participate in different events offered this year. 

Ridgestar Diamond In The Sky STDcds,HRD1s, HTD1d, OTDs
MASCA Top 10 Herding 2013-#6

Ridgestars Salute To Independence mHICsd, CGC,
certified Therapy Dog
Standard High In Level Novice, Jumpers High In Level Novice,
Rally High In Level Novice, Rally High In Trial, mHICs, mHICd

Ridgestars Going To The Sun CGC, certified Therapy Dog
2nd-Movement, 3rd-Male Head Type, 1st leg RO Novice

Ridgestars Skyfall CGC, certified Therapy Dog
3rd-Female Head Type, 1st leg RO Novice

Ridgestars Wind RO-I, RO-N, CGC
Jumpers High In Level Intro, Tunnelers High In Level Intro, CGC

Ridgestars Rain RO-I, RO-N, CGC
Rally Obedience title, CGC 

Ch Ridgestars Little Chynna Girl mHICsd, HD-L1, CGC
mHICd, MASCA herding title, CGC, 1st leg RO Intro

Lakesides Rumor Has It mHICd, SCT-I, HD-L1, CGC
mHICd, MASCA herding title, Nosework title, CGC, 1st leg RO Intro

Int’l Ch Glencoves Blue Abby mHICsd, RO-I, CGC
mHICd, MASCA Rally Obedience title, CGC

Our Story

It was the summer of 1997, our daughter was showing Quarter Horses and we were continually on the road. She wanted a small, furry companion to keep her company. Several dogs from the herding group were always at these horse shows with their families. One breed intrigued us, in particular. We got to spend time with a couple of miniature Australian Shepherds and found them to be irresistible. After researching and asking a lot of questions, we decided that this was the breed for us.

Since we would be in different places and new situations quite often, a number of things were important to us. Our newest family member needed to have a quiet, confident demeanor, stamina for an active life style, take up minimal room in the RV, and foremost, be personable around people and other animals. Minis are all of this and so much more.

Our Dogs

Minis are incredibly intelligent; they have the ability to let you know what they need and want. They know when you need cheering up, and their sense of humor is unsurpassable. The more you laugh at their antics, the more clownish they can become. The mini Aussie’s loyalty and affection is unwavering and while, in our breeding program, temperament is primary, the Aussie type and balance are just as important.

RIDGESTAR AUSSIES was born from our love of this small breed and our desire to be involved, in a positive way, in their evolution. Located 90 miles north of Seattle, near the Canadian border, we continually strive to raise the best this breed has to offer. It is our passion and hobby. Visitors are always welcome. Come meet our Aussie posse. See the difference!



MASCAThrough MASCA, the parent club and registry for the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety, the mini Aussie remains a size variety of the Australian Shepherd, with a continuous gene pool. The dogs will NOT become a separate breed, UNLIKE the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. Dog owners and future owners concerned with maintaining Australian Shepherd heritage, instinct, temperament and type in a mini Aussie, are invited to contact MASCA for additional information about the club and its goals.

A MASCA mini Aussie:

  • Is not registered with the AKC as a breed other than an Australian Shepherd
  • Is not the same as the AKC/FSS Miniature American Shepherd
  • Is the true Aussie of the miniature variety
  • Will always be an Aussie

MASCA is NOT seeking recognition as a Miniature American Shepherd with AKC/FSS.

MASCA will protect the integrity of the MASCA registry and continue to register Australian Shepherds of the miniature variety. We are true to the heritage of our dogs.


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From time to time I retire dogs from my breeding program. Each of them is special in their own way and would LOVE to be the center of attention with folks who have the time for a canine companion. If you are interested in availability, please contact Mona Cooper at 360-312-1030 or


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